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Here's the (new) space to find and post fic prompts, everyone![Click here for the old, unanswered prompts]

gagewhitney: Even after the apocalypse, people are still a bunch of gossips. The group notices certain things between Daryl and Andrea, and they start talking about it. Eventually, one or both of them finds out.

cemeterydreamer: I'd love to see a good ol' fashioned argument between these two. Preferably set in the future, and not a fight that focuses on Andrea shooting him or sleeping with Shane. Just both of them generally being stubborn. Whether they're an actual couple, moving towards it, or still just friends is up to the writer. One of them must then put their tail between their legs and apologize first [makeup sex optional but never discouraged ;)].

gagewhitney: I would like to see Daryl be protective of Andrea. Against walkers, other people, whatever -- your choice. Also your choice as to whether or not they're already in a relationship.

cemeterydreamer: Andrea dies, Daryl mourns. Must be set sometime after the events of "Pretty Much Dead Already," but everything else is up to writer (where they're at in their relationship, if she gets bit, how she actually dies, etc. etc.)

gagewhitney: The group comes by an abandoned cabin and attempts to settle down for a while. Maybe they get to take a breath for once, have a little fun, deal with their issues, establish roles for themselves, start a new relationship. Maybe we get the ultimate fic trope of Daryl and Andrea having to share sleeping quarters. Maybe they just screw like bunnies. ;)

cemeterydreamer: Future fic - Daryl tells Andrea he loves her for the first time.

cemeterydreamer: Carol pushes Daryl to realize his feelings for Andrea and then encourages him to do something about it.

gagewhitney: Daryl and Andrea already slept together once, back when the group was first forming and before they really knew each other. They never talk about it, but at some point, they start to make their way back to each other.

cemeterydreamer: Daryl and Shane both vie for Andrea's attention. I'd just love to see a fic with them in a sort of competition with each other, and Andrea ultimately choosing Daryl. Everything else up to the writer (though I am not opposed to Shane bashing, lol).

cemeterydreamer: Daryl inquires to Andrea about her last name. Everything else up to the author - I could see this being both funny or serious, and it could be a missing scene from the series or a future fic.

gagewhitney: The group makes a decision not to let anyone wander off alone anymore, so they agree to a sort of buddy system. Daryl just wants to be alone. Andrea appoints herself his buddy.

gagewhitney: Daryl and Andrea have been avoiding each other lately. Eventually someone (several someones?) notices this and sets to find out why.

saitinsangel: When the farm is taken by walkers daryl saves Andrea and they get away on his motorcycle

cemeterydreamer: Andrea notices Daryl needs a haircut and volunteers herself for the task. Everything else is up to the author! ;)

lucifers_garden: Taking place some time between Dale's death and the farm being overrun, Daryl goes off alone to clear his head and finds himself haunted by Merle's 'ghost' yet again (I leave it up to the author to decide whether this is only the second time since Chupacabra, or if Daryl has had several of these conversations by now). Exactly what Merle has to say I will also leave up to the author, but in my mind he is taunting Daryl for killing Dale, mocking the whole 'decent man' comment and the fact that Daryl is 'stupid enough to believe it' (or something along those lines). Just my initial concept, but again, I'm open to other ideas here! For all I care, Merle can end up being really sweet and brotherly ;P. Anyway, eventually Andrea comes out to talk to Daryl about the whole 'mercy-killing her friend/father figure' thing, and discovers him locked in this one-sided conversation with an invisible Merle. THE KICKER: Andrea reveals that she sometimes talks to Amy's 'ghost' as well. *cue sappy bonding music* Daryl's reaction and everything else that follows between them is completely up to the writer! But if you really, really love me, you'll find a way to include Andrea informing Daryl that he can always talk to her instead, if ever he wants to :D.

snowcoma: Daryl and Andrea are in the woods and see either Daryl's chupacabra, or something spooky that is not a walker. Cue scared clinging (or not, it's up to the author)! Bonus points if they're not yet in a relationship. I love first kiss/snuggle/nekkid-times fic.

kenoyergrrl: Merle encounters Rick's group (can be via the Governor at Woodbury, the prison, on the way to the prison--up to you), and although still mortally pissed at Rick and the gang, is overjoyed to see Daryl again. Daryl's reunion with his brother causes conflict with not only the group at large, but with Andrea in particular. Andrea finds it harder and harder to connect with Daryl--although she welcomes his relationship with Merle (after all, she lost a sibling and is glad to see that Daryl has found his), she is confused and hurt that Daryl is all of a sudden pushing her away...

kenoyergrrl: Set right after the season finale and Rick's long "Rick-tator" speech, Daryl defies Rick's orders to stay with the group and ignores Carol's pleas to take her with him, wherever he's going off on his bike. He's going back to hunt for Andrea, alone. Two weeks later, he's surviving in the woods, killing off an occasional rabbit or deer to eat when he's not busy dodging the random walkers coming his way. He is amazed to discover a completely different, hardened, and more survival-savvy Andrea and her mysterious friend, who totes along two armless, jawless walkers to keep the "free" walkers at bay. It is Andrea who ends up saving Daryl's life, on several occasions, as the trio make their way to the relative sanctuary of the prison/of Woodbury (up to you on which one). Daryl finds himself not only grateful to, but also falling for, this new, bold, self-confident Andrea--because a strong, confident woman is such a turn-on. :)

saitinsangel: The group comes across a group of houses and decides to settle down. However, there are not enough houses for each person, and Andrea and Daryl end up having to share a house.

saitinsangel: The food's scarce, and they're all starting to lose weight. Andrea finds herself more than a little interested in the way Daryl's pants hang low on his hips.

seren_ccd: Andrea is extremely competent at driving defensively, meaning she can handle extremely high speeds and take those turns in the road like an ace. Daryl is rather impressed. Basically, I want to see Andrea behind the wheel and Daryl in the passenger seat being amazed.

kenoyergrrl: I've always been partial to Mumford & Sons' "White Blank Page," which is what I think of WRT Daryl losing his virginity. BTW I watched an interview with Norman Reedus saying he wanted to play Daryl as someone who's never had sex before, so yeah, I take that as him *literally* being a virgin on the show LOL. A couple of choice lyrics: Can you lie next to her / and give her your heart / as well as your body? / Lead me to the truth and I / will follow you with my whole life

cemeterydreamer: At this point, there have been more than a few really excellent fics where Daryl teaches Andrea to hunt/track/use a crossbow. I'd absolutely LOVE to see a fic where she teaches him something that he doesn't know how to do (can be as simple or complex, random or useful as you want, though I'd love for him to struggle with learning for a bit). Banter and awkward!Daryl always encouraged ;) Everything else up to the writer!

seren_ccd: So, I'd oddly enough love to see Daryl in the kitchen cooking. Andrea finds this highly intriguing. He's really quite good at it.

kenoyergrrl: Thanks to springsteensgrl and myonlylight for the inspirations on this prompt--but given the (really excellent!!) fics that involve D/A's experience as parents of a five- or six-year-old, it would be interesting to read fic involving either how the couple finds out--and copes with--the news that Andrea's pregnant, and/or how they prepare for the new arrival. On the latter point, I leave it to the writer to determine whether that is emotionally (from either Andrea's or Daryl's perspective), practically (finding a safe place to have a baby/raise a child, scavenging for diapers/doctors/etc.), or a combination of the two.

gagewhitney: Andrea is exhausted from taking care of a young baby and just wants some sleep, so she leaves Daryl to take care of their kid. Havoc ensues. ;-)

cemeterydreamer: Andrea finds out it's Daryl's birthday and tries to surprise him with something, only things don't go as smoothly as planned. All other details up to author!

eatallthecheese: Daryl gets curious about what Andrea keeps in that little green bag she's always carrying.

gagewhitney: Daryl gets drunk (with Glenn?) and ends up telling Andrea what he really thinks of her.

kenoyergrrl: When Daryl and Andrea are reminiscing about all of the cool rock n'roll bands they were into before the world turned, they both start singing out lines to some of their favorite songs. Daryl discovers that Andrea actually has a decent singing voice.

cemeterydreamer: Daryl and Andrea have been "together" for awhile now, and finally decide to end their relationship after one fight too many. This of course makes things awkward between them and affects the group dynamic. Eventually the two decide they really do want to be together and make up.

gagewhitney: Just because Speed happens to be on, my prompt is anything based around this quote: -I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work. -OK. We'll have to base it on sex then.

snowcoma: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Daryl has a phobia. I don't care what kind, I just want our rugged hunter to shriek like a toddler (any resulting chaos is up to you).
Maybe a wolf spider gets on his face (for the arachnophobic, don't bother googling. Brown, BIG, harmless, shriek-inducing). Maybe he has a nightmare (the squirrels are out for REVENGE). Maybe a skunk or a porcupine gets into his tent. Pick your scare, and run with it!

gagewhitney: Carol dies. Daryl mourns. Andrea comforts him.

caserzblues: Daryl misplaces his crossbow (*cough* Carl *cough*) and he asks Andrea to help him find it. Maybe through in Frantic!Daryl for lols :o)

lucifers_garden: Lori is bitching Andrea out over something stupid (up to the author) and Daryl comes to her defense in a surprising way (also up to the author). Purposefully vague - I'm giving lots of leeway on this one! I just want Daryl to tell Lori, in so many words, to fuck off ;p.

gagewhitney: (based on pics of Laurie stealing Norman's drink) -- I want fic where she's always stealing his food/drinks, now. ;-)

gagewhitney: When Daryl and Andrea have a fight, the entire camp knows it.

lucifers_garden: Daryl hates prisons. A lot. Andrea finds out why.

gagewhitney: Glenn was a HUGE Lost fan. He starts drawing comparisons between that situation and their own, and he decides Daryl is Sawyer and Andrea is Juliet.

gagewhitney: Merle shows up again, and of course clashes with everyone. He wants to leave, and he wants Daryl to go with him. Andrea sees that Daryl is waffling between staying with the group and going with his brother, and she decides she needs to convince him to stay.

cemeterydreamer: Andrea tries to do something special for Daryl's first Father's Day.

gagewhitney: Daryl and Andrea make a bet of some kind (up to the author). The loser has to do the other's laundry for a week.

cemeterydreamer: Andrea gets tired of Daryl using nicknames for everyone, so she comes up with her own to use on him.

gagewhitney: When Daryl Met Andrea. Like, who do you think was in the group first -- the Dixons or the _____ (whatever Andrea and Amy's last name is)? When did they first interact? What did they think of each other? These are things I'm interested in finding out.

cemeterydreamerz; I'd love to see a sweet fic about when Andrea finally gets reunited with the group - Specifically her first interaction with Daryl, and (based on a Tumblr post from eatallthecheese and this set of tweets between Norman/Laurie) at some point Daryl must call Andrea "angel face" ^_^

gagewhitney: Daryl is left with a scar on his head thanks to Andrea shooting him. I want to see her kind of reflecting on it years later when she's brushing his hair aside/noticing it.

kenoyergrrl: What we would envision Daryl and Andrea's first scene together to be like on the show! :)

gagewhitney: Something based on these gifs... <img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m71n1uJ2ky1qfnwluo1_250.gif" /> <img src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m71n1uJ2ky1qfnwluo2_250.gif" />

cemeterydreamer: Daryl opens up to Andrea about his scars. Looking for some angst and a bit of H/C. Smut always acceptable if it's your style ;)

cemeterydreamer: Shortly after Andrea is reunited with the group, Daryl admits to her one evening that he missed her while she was gone. Can be just friendship based or a lead-in to something more, but I'm looking for a sweet conversation between the two and maybe some introspective Daryl where he realizes just how bad-ass Andrea really is ;)

gagewhitney: Andrea's not sure when it happened, but Daryl's her favorite person in the group.

gagewhitney: Something to do with Daryl finding out Andrea's favorite color.

kenoyergrrl: Andrea and Daryl's lovemaking routine is getting a bit tiresome, so Andrea suggests they try something totally new.

gagewhitney: Daryl and Andrea's attitude toward each other is vastly different from the deleted scene (next post up) to the scene in 2x03 where they get along so well. So, assuming the deleted scene is canon... what happened in between to make them more friendly with each other?

kijikun: Merle return to the group prompts Daryl into making a move on Andrea.

gagewhitney: Daryl and Andrea are the last two standing.

kijikun: This as a prompt: <img src="http://www.asofterworld.com/clean/followtheheart.jpg" />

<img src="http://www.asofterworld.com/clean/clean.jpg" />

<img src="http://www.asofterworld.com/clean/207.jpg" />

kijikun: What am I but skin and bones, and places I have yet to go.

cemeterydreamer: I am dying to see a future triangle fic between Daryl/Andrea/Rick. Looking for some dark, twisty angst with a side of overwhelming feels. Of course I'd ultimately like to see Daryl/Andrea end up together, but if it works better with a different ending that's completely up to the author!

gagewhitney: Merle and Andrea have a talk about Daryl.

kijikun: When the cure is discovered its sprayed/dusted from the air. A side effect is that it gives everyone temporary amnesia. Andrea and Daryl assume they must be a couple because Daryl was laying protectively over her and they're so comfortable with each other.

kijikun: Daryl temporarily loosing his eye sight and assumes the group (even Andrea who he's been sleeping with) will leave him behind.

kijikun: "The axe forgets; the tree remembers." - Zimbabwean proverb

cemeterydreamer: Daryl's reaction when he finds out Andrea has her nipples pierced.

kijikun: There are no happy endings, because nothing ends. (quote from the Last Unicorn)

kijikun: "The ax forgets; the tree remembers"

lucifers_garden: Daryl always has to be the one to walk away, because he can't stand being left behind.

sparkledark: Here's a recent Norman quote on the subject of Daryl and romance: "I don’t want to play it like I have any game at all. I wanna play it like I don’t know what I’m doing. You know, I wanna premature ejaculate in my pants in 30 seconds. I wanna sweat, I wanna cry, I wanna freak out, you know what I mean?"

caserzblues: I got this idea from seeing the promo's and photo's released so... Jealous!Daryl/Protective!Daryl -- Daryl isn't too fond of Andrea being around a certian Woodbury Gov. nor is he fond of the Gov.'s constant need to have Andrea around him (Gov.).

gagewhitney: It still gets cold at night.

cemeterydreamer: From the Hollywood Reporter interview GW posted here, where Norman says "I never want to be that dude that throws someone up against a tree and the moonlight hits their glistening chest. F--- that! If they hook me up with somebody I want to be all thumbs and cry in the corner and not know what to do. It's interesting to be dead inside in this world to start off dead inside. That's a huge story with Daryl this season and to be dead inside and slowly unravel into this ferocious flower is more interesting." I know we've had awkward Daryl written before, but I want awkward-breakdown-crying-in-the-corner Daryl like Norman describes (and Andrea being the one he does it in front of, obviously). And then sex if it's your thing ;)

caserzblues: So watching back episode 2x13, right in the beginning, and there's the scene of Daryl, Andrea, and Glenn coming out on the porch and seeing all the Walkers coming on to the farm. Then when it cuts to them again we see Herschel and Maggie and others have joined them, Andrea goes and gets the bag of guns and Hershel is all about saving his farm ect. Well as we know Andrea suggests using th cars as way to draw the Walkers away from the farm. Daryl says whatever and jumps over the railing. This we all know. But as I watched this again I realized more so that as the group are getting prepared to fight the Walkers, that inbetween of them saying that what they could do and then seeing them in the cars and such, that missing inbetween is like the last time Daryl and Andrea see each other. So as the episode went on and we come to the scene that is just pure love aka Daryl's: "We can't just leave her/I'm going back." This is where the prompt come in: What if in that inbetween moment Daryl and Andrea unknowingly at the time shared a moment which later prompts Daryl to be so eager to go back for her. Then later at night Daryl wondering to himself if he made the right choice in not going back for her. He dosen't sneak off or anything but instead just trys to accept maybe she didn't make it which rolls us into season three and when he sees her again.

gagewhitney: Carol has a brand new attitude, and she likes to joke with and tease Daryl because she knows how he is and she thinks it's good for him to open up. When Andrea comes back into the picture, something makes Carol's matchmaker senses start tingling, and she sets out to push Daryl even farther out of his shell.

lucifers_garden: In this world, it's not enough to be brave. Andrea already knows she's brave; what she wants is to be fearless. What she wants is to be like Daryl. (Can be interpreted however the author likes!)

cemeterydreamer: Set in the near future after Axel assimilates a bit with the group, him and Daryl are doing something alone (standing guard, scouting, whatever). Axel finally asks Daryl about the look of remorse he had with his "Sorry about your friends" line. What I'm really looking for is some introspective Daryl, and him telling Axel about Andrea ;) (Would prefer no previous relationship between D/A, just him missing her as a friend/person, but if it fits better then that's cool too)

lucifers_garden: He's lived in Georgia all his life, but Daryl has never actually seen the ocean before. Of course he'd want to go skinny dipping. (Future fic, some time after Andrea is reunited with the group and for some reason they've had to leave the prison - everything else is up to the author!)

kenoyergrrl: Georgia has become overrun with walkers, so Rick's group heads north, to find sanctuary somewhere in the mountains, where the colder climate and craggier terrain provide better protection from the walkers. Both being native Southerners, Daryl and Andrea commiserate with each other on how tough it is for them to adjust to their new home (might even want to include some ways in which they keep each other warm, wink wink, nudge nudge).

kenoyergrrl: Also some time after Andrea is reunited with the group and for some reason they've had to leave the prison - everything else is up to the author

tobermoryspeaks: Andrea shows Daryl exactly what new skills she picked up while on the run with Michonne. Could have hints of Andrea/Michonne slash or no...

gagewhitney: Merle is blunt and to-the-point. "You fuckin' my brother or what?"

l1rgirl: I was watching the deleted scene from Season 2 where Daryl and Andrea have an argument about what went down in the retirement home(i.e. who killed all the old folks and the "gang" members). I just think it is interesting how everyone underestimates Daryl when he really is a lot smarter than they all think and in many ways a lot smarter than they are, even Andrea and her law degree... Daryl sometimes lets them get away with the way they treat him like he's stupid but I like how in this scene he lashes out and puts Andrea in her place. I'd like to see a story that starts out with this. I think it would be an interesting point of departure for a romantic relationship between the two. One where high and mighty Andrea is put in her place by the hot tempered but humble Daryl which leaves Andrea no choice but to see him in a new light.

lucifers_garden: "What, you tellin' me you ain't ever held a baby before?" In which Andrea is unceremoniously left in charge of the baby for a couple hours and it becomes obvious that she has no idea what she's doing. Daryl steps in to show her how it's done, and in the process she discovers a side of him she never imagined existed.

kenoyergrrl: Daryl talks Andrea down from the Governator (because SOMEONE has to!)

lucifers_garden: Based on this conversation, I would love a scene where Daryl struggles to reconnect with Andrea after she is (somewhat awkwardly) reunited with the group.

gagewhitney: Thanksgiving.

cemeterydreamer: Slight inspiration from the recent TVGuide interview posted here: After she finally escapes Woodbury, Andrea and Daryl have to work on trusting each other again in order to help Rick lead the group. Only this time around, they discover there are some deeper feelings brewing under the surface they may have overlooked before...

gagewhitney: Because I've been getting into Sons of Anarchy: I'd like to see an AU of Daryl being in a motorcycle club, and Andrea being his old lady. ;)

gagewhitney: Andrea wants to learn to ride the motorcycle.

lucifers_garden: Takes place directly after where the mid season finale left off. Andrea steps up to defend Daryl against the accusations of being a terrorist, and convinces the citizens of Woodbury to hold a trial wherein she plans to demonstrate his innocence. Can be a one shot or a multi-chapter fic, but all I ask is that we get at least one scene where Daryl and Andrea speak privately!

cemeterydreamer: Daryl's thoughts when he sees Andrea in the Woodbury arena (and if you're inspired, continue the scene with how you want 3.09 and beyond to go)


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Then there was that time on Facebook when Laurie made me tear up. Like a child. *weeps some more*

fic: now or never (do or die)

Title: Now or Never (Do or Die)
Author: gagewhitney
Rating: M
Pairing: Daryl/Andrea
Disclaimer: Very much not mine.
( They both know what two people and two bullets mean against a horde of walkers. )

Fic: Winner

Title: Winner
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Characters: Daryl/Andrea
Rating: PG
Words: 363
Summary: Daryl and Andrea have a little competition.
Warnings: Set in S2. No real spoilers, though. Written for the 1drabble community challenge. Also, I'm new here, so could I get an author tag please?

(Read more...)

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New, up in my RedBubble storefront, it's two of Rick Grimes's best excuses.

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Just thought you guys might get a kick out of it. Maybe. I dunno. *hangs head in shame* I really need to get back to writing, don't I?


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